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K Christopher Interiors Ltd. is an interior design company that is owned by home styling designer Katherine Christopher. Home styling is a passion for Katherine Christopher as she was inspired when she styled her home for the first time and enjoyed the process from the start to the finish. This led to her beginning her business, in which she is the proud owner of the interior design studio K Christopher Interiors Ltd. She also has a Diploma in Professional Interior Design and has completed the Prince2 foundation level project management course, meaning she is highly qualified to do what she does. This home styling company has been featured in Forbes and is one of many accomplishments for the interior designer Katherine Christopher. At K Christopher Interiors Ltd, their aim, when it comes to home styling, is to design timeless, minimalist and contemporary interior spaces for both residential and commercial clients. They also design and style children’s bedrooms and ensure that eco-friendly materials are used where possible. Their aim when home styling is to remove the stress that clients face when designing their space for the first time, in order to ensure that the clients fully enjoy this process and are engaged in it from start to finish. K Christopher Interiors Ltd. works with a range of clients and ensures that their interior design vision is fully explored and understood in order to successfully achieve it. There are many services available too including mood and concept boards, interior decorating, innovative space planning, consulting advice, project management, product sourcing and full design services. Each design project is approached with a high-quality service and a huge attention to the finest detail. No matter how big or small the design request is, interior designer Katherine Christopher makes sure that she commits to every individuals style and requirements. K Christopher Interiors Ltd is extremely flexible with her working arrangements for both residential and commercial clients, ensuring that she works well with all types of clients, maintaining strong communication throughout the design process. The success of the interior design business stems from the hardworking individual herself. Katherine Christopher is knowledgeable, passionate and an expert in her field which reflects on her interior design projects and the achievements that follow. Her passion for interior design starts right from the beginning and is only growing as she takes on more projects and a wider range of clients, sharing her passion for producing minimalist, sleek, timeless interior spaces that are bespoke, functional and of high quality.

If you have an interior design vision that you want to bring to life, K Christopher Interiors Ltd is an excellent interior design company that ensures high levels of attention to detail and communication throughout the interior design process in order to deliver a high quality, bespoke project that is everything you have dreamed about.

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