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Katherine Christopher is an interior designer in north London who owns the interior design company K Christopher Interiors Ltd. The interior design company aims to create designs that are timeless, contemporary and minimalist. Their aim as an interior design company is to provide an enjoyable experience for their clients in which they aim to remove the stress which clients can face when designing their space, allowing the clients to thoroughly enjoy the process from start to finish. They offer a range of services for a wide range of client’s which target both commercial and residential clients. These services include mood and concept boards, interior decorating, innovative space planning, consulting advice, project management, product sourcing and full design services. Every project taken on by the interior designer in north London is done professionally and in an expert manner, bringing the client a high-quality service which ensures that their design needs and requirements are fulfilled. A lot of attention is paid to the fine details when K Christopher Interiors Ltd designs your space, whether you are a residential or commercial client, ensuring that you are happy with the overall process and your vision is brought to life. As there are a wide range of services available by K Christopher Interiors Ltd, they are extremely adaptable and flexible to each clients’ needs and interior design dreams. So, no matter how big or small the request is, K Christopher Interiors Ltd will ensure that they will help to achieve the visions you have in mind. K Christopher Interiors Ltd also makes sure to use eco-friendly materials where possible to ensure that they are limiting their impact on the environment when creating their sleek and stylish interior designs.

About the interior designer in north London herself; Katherine Christopher created the interior design company K Christopher Interiors Ltd after enjoying the process of designing her own home for the first time. She thoroughly enjoyed the journey of decorating her own home from start to finish, which made her realise that being an interior designer is the job for her. This inspired her to begin her career as an interior designer in north London and to also achieve the necessary qualifications for her interior design career. These include a Diploma in Professional Interior Design and the Prince2 foundation level project management course. She is an extremely hardworking, passionate and knowledgeable interior designer in north London that wants to create minimal, bespoke, timeless interior designers for all of her clients. One of her achievements as an interior designer is that her business has been featured on Forbes and this is only the beginning of her amazing journey as an interior designer in north London. So, if you have an interior design dream and want to make your visions come to life, contact K Christopher Interiors Ltd today and begin your journey where you will have a beautiful, timeless space designed just the way you’ve always wanted it to be, creating the home of your dreams!

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