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Katherine Christopher is a minimalist interior designer based in Birmingham. She is also the owner and founder of the Forbes featured interior design studio K Christopher Interiors Ltd. This minimalist interior designer specialises in providing contemporary, minimalist interiors that are bespoke and high quality for both residential and commercial clients. As a successful interior design company, K Christopher Interiors Ltd. is extremely passionate and ensures that they design beautiful projects for their clients, which motivates them into working hard and providing excellent services. Katherine’s aim, as a minimalist interior designer, is to listen to her clients’ needs and requirements for her interior design project before renovating or designing the required space. Every client is prioritised and K Christopher |nteriors Ltd ensures that they answer all questions that may be posed by the client. K Christopher Interiors Ltd. pays extremely close attention to details in their projects and wants to make sure that individuals can express their style and luxury needs so that their dreams are successfully achieved. As well as being a minimalist interior designer, it is important as a company to ensure that eco-friendly materials are used where possible so that the designs are not only beautiful, sleek and stylish but also have less impact on the environment too.

This minimalist interior designer offers a wide range of services including mood and concept boards, interior decorating, innovative space planning, consulting advice, project management, product sourcing and full design services. These are a wide range of services that are readily available, from advice on a space you are trying to design to a full design service, so anyone can get in contact with K Christopher Interiors Ltd. This means that every project is completely tailored to the client and are all completed to the highest quality so that the clients’ vision is brought to life.

Katherine Christopher is the creative owner and founder of K Christopher Interiors Ltd. With a huge passion for interior design, she wanted to start her own business as a minimalist interior designer and work with clients to help bring their creative visions to life. She is hardworking, determined and passionate about her job as an interior designer and wants her work to be timeless, contemporary and minimalist consistently throughout. She has years of expertise and knowledge to achieve these interior design goals and is motivated and passionate to work with clients that will allow her to express her interior design creativity and listen to the clients requests too. Therefore, if you are seeking a minimalist interior designer, K Christopher Interiors Ltd. is an excellent interior design company based in Birmingham which will help bring your interior design dreams into a reality. So, get in contact today and take the first step into achieving your interior design goals!

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