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Katherine Christopher, owner and founder of K Christopher Interiors Ltd. Is one of the top interior designers in Birmingham. Her journey began when she thoroughly enjoyed the process of decorating her own home from start to finish and found her new passion for interior design which led to the birth of her interior design business K Christopher Interiors Ltd. With a huge passion for interior design and home decorating for many years, her work reflects her passion for interior design as she designs timeless, contemporary and minimalist spaces that her clients have always dreamed of. Being amongst the top interior designers, she is extremely passionate, determined and committed to providing an excellent, high-quality service in a professional and friendly manner no matter how big or small the project is. Her aim, being amongst the top interior designers, is to remove the stress clients face when decorating their homes and take matters into her own hands to design the home of their dreams. Her enthusiasm, passion, expertise and experience in interior design is why she is amongst the top interior designers in Birmingham and is why she will only excel and grow her company in the future for providing beautiful interior design projects.

Her interior design work is described as being minimalist, luxury, timeless and contemporary. By paying attention to the smallest details, she ensures that every client is satisfied with their beautifully designed home by K Christopher Interiors Ltd. To achieve these results and become part of the top interior designers, she has a diploma in Professional Interior Design and has also completed the Prince2 foundation level project management course. Her expertise is visible in her beautiful interior design projects and has enabled her to develop her status as one of the top interior designers in Birmingham. Also, as part of K Christopher Interiors Ltd. it is important that eco-friendly materials are considered where possible while still making sure that the vision and ideas are brought to life.

K Christopher Interiors Ltd. offers a range of interior design services which include mood and concept boards, interior decorating, innovative space planning, consulting advice, project management, product sourcing and full design services. With a wide selection of services, this attracts a range of clients and their interior design requests. K Christopher Interiors Ltd. is extremely flexible and adaptable to each individual client ensuring they receive the required advice and design for their home. So, if you are seeking advice for your next interior design project and want to get in touch and speak to someone from the team, contact K Christopher Interiors Ltd. and have your commercial or residential spaces come to life!

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